Fuel Safe

Diesel / Oil Spill Dissolver Liquid

Fuel Safe is the recognised and approved formulation for the rapid removal of all fuel spills from motorway networks.

Apply neat as soon as possible after a spillage to help prevent asphalt degradation and the necessity for resurfacing operations.

It is widely used after Road Traffic Accidents and enables contractors to quickly and safely eliminate any further incidents by removing fuel residue left behind which can often still be hazardous due to the "slip" nature of the fuel.

Removes all diesel and oil spills leaving a clean non-slip surface. Can also be used on other liquid spills and in all weather conditions.

Users of
Fuel Safe

FUEL SAFE is the industry approved product used by or contractors for Highways England, Transport Scotland, Local Authorities, Motorway Service Stations, Airports, Motoring Organisations and Fire Services.


FUEL SAFE is an interceptor compatible “fast splitting” product which prevents the possibility of any oil mixture being discharged from an interceptor.

Easy to Use

FUEL SAFE can be diluted with up to four parts water for regular cleaning or used neat for heavy spillages.

  • 1.Apply FUEL SAFE to contaminated area via knapsack sprayer or mechanical road sweeper.
  • 2.Agitate using stiff brush prior to final clean-up with water to leave a clean non-slip surface.
  • 3.Repeat as necessary.
  • 4.Ensure drains bunded prior to use.